Meet the Artist

The most important thing to know about me is that I am currently living a long-held dream come true. I decided to be an artist at the age of four with the goal of being able to draw all day. Over the years I have kept numerous side hustles which have included face and body painting, murals, illustrating books for kids and adults and the occasional graphic design gig. My day jobs were always in the arts but administratively focused. The concept of art as a tool for healing was also a big part of my prior work life especially while designing programs for youth. At the same time, I was connecting with my need to heal myself and received Reiki I & II attunements. Shortly after that, SpiritWorks Soul portraits started flowing through me and my desire to tattoo was reignited. Time and the universe have an interesting way of flipping everything upside down to set things right and I know for sure that my landing at Haylo to begin my apprenticeship in 2016 was predestined. Since then, I have gained valuable skills, watched my work improve, and learned a lot about myself and what I bring to the table. Every day I strive to learn more and do more – but I still don’t tattoo faces or fingers.


specializing in: cultural, mandalas, floral, goddesses, color on brown skin