Sacred Tattoo Series  


How we care for our community

We are inspired by two auspicious dates: Friday the 13th and 11/11 ⚡️and are bringing back the Time Capsule Tattoo Experience😇

💖This will be our first Friday the 13th Flash Day ever and we are using it to RECLAIM GODDESS ENERGY🔥

✨Magic Number and our Physical address, 1111 Central, we will create reflection connection Tattoo Designs that remind you of your solo journey or pieces that can divide to encourage pairing and sharing forever art with someone special❣️

☀️the TIME CAPSULE experience✨
Many of you have requested it and it’s back with a new do! We will create your Custom Soul Mandala to be revealed to you after the new year that honors your True Self, evidences Qualities that you feel will help you Level Up, and Vibes that you wish to Radiate into the world through your Self-Expression 🙌

10/13 ~ Friday the 13th

11/11 ~ 1111

2/10/24 ~ Time Capsule