Not your average tattoo shop

welcome to haylo healing arts lounge

At Haylo Healing Arts Lounge in beautiful Charlotte, NC, we offer you the intra-personal art experience of a lifetime. As an all-female staff, we understand that every person is unique and work closely with you to create the permanent symbols you choose to wear on your body that represent your Soul.

Haylo’s primary pursuit is to Co-Create completely unique and meaningful Tattoo Art; connecting you to the deeper threads of your own life and helping you solidify, accept and represent your authentic self~

We create a place that illuminates the individual & draws together the collective~

We offer a Mindful Wholistic concept; Spirit, Mind and Body

Honoring your Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization through Self-Expression. 
We are dedicated to transpersonal ART that will last a Lifetime. 


shouldn't be

 AVERAGE either~

This really will be

I have always been drawn to the bohemian life, styled by the virtues of
Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love~ 

Tattooing is this magical integration of myself as an Artist - and a culture of innumerable variations of folks with a passionate desire for Personal Growth.

Here we offer a Safe and Sacred Space for all people.

This is a haven of non-judgement and acceptance. 
We identify with and honor the multitude of paths you've taken to Be Here Now~

We culminate and integrate an active interest in many modalities of the Healing and Revealing Arts in one kick-ass loving environment. So, the Tattoo is still going to hurt - but the living experience is one that reaches much more deeply in a whole-heartedly soulful way, inside and out. 

At Haylo, you are encouraged through this endless blooming of You~


a note from hayley

Find Your Artist


Life is a Co-Creative Practice; Enjoy the Process~


Where the Spirit does not work with the hand,
there is no art


I live to create. Be open, be easy and let's make something beautiful together.


We are all works in progress.


Your internal work causes ripples throughout the entire collective. What you embody, you anchor for us all. 

We believe in supporting other businesses whose missions align with our own.  Check out some of our community partners.

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