The WHY behind our

The Vision Form is a helpful tool for communicating your Custom Tattoo Design desires. We also get the opportunity to get to know a little about you before we start this journey together. This work is about Freedom, Art, Compassionate Professionalism and the enjoyment of the co-creative Relationship.

Vision FOrm

A completed Vision Form is the ONLY way to get an Artist Review for an appointment for Consultation. (We will automatically decline incomplete Vision Forms.)

what to expect

When your Vision is reviewed, one of two things will happen:
1. You will be notified so that you can set a date for your Consultation.
2. You will be notified if our Artists feel that they are not the best choice for this particular Vision. 
3.Please note, there are a limited number of cover-ups and re-works accepted. 

Changes in your Vision, from the day you submit it onwards, can cause unnecessary (and sometimes expensive) delays in your Tattoo Process. Please use care and include all details when you assemble your Vision submission.

Please be considerate of our Artists’ time. If you no longer wish to be included in this process, notification would be greatly appreciated.

A Consultation is MANDATORY prior to a tattoo appointment. 

Any adjustments to your Vision should be reviewed with your Artist at this time. Based on this discussion, your Artist will begin to work on the actual art for the tattoo.  

Any changes AFTER your Consultation may result in a delay. If the Artist feels that major discussion is needed, another Consultation will be scheduled (along with the appropriate fee.)

At the time of your Consultation please be prepared to:
1. Pay your Consultation fee of $50.
2. Pay your deposit.
3. Set your appointment(s) to begin your tattoo adventure!

We VALUE good art &

prefer the UTMOST in quality


How much will this process cost?

A Consultation fee is $50.  

Your Artist will tell you how much your required deposit is at the time of the Consultation, however it will NOT EXCEED $200.

Your Consultation includes the estimated tattoo time, as well as the hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get an appointment?

The Artists review Vision submissions and set Consultation appointments throughout the year. 
We cannot predict the time between your Vision submission and our response.  

The Visions are reviewed in submission order.
You should receive a response in less than a 6-month period.  You will be notified if our Artists feel that they are not the best choice for this particular Vision.

We both want to get tattooed at the same time.  Do you do that?

We do not offer appointments that involve more than one Artist.

can my friend/spouse/family member come with me?

We do not allow Guests to accompany you. We prefer a positive and “you-centered” experience between your Artist and yourself. We also are mindful of reducing non-essential exposure to an absolute minimum during this Pandemic.

I am not yet 18 years old, but my parent will sign for permission for you to tattoo me. Will you do that?

No. Furthermore, legal identification is required in order to be tattooed.

Do you do tattoos on the face? 

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge declines to tattoo anywhere on the face, fingers, toes, soles of the feet or genitals. This includes Permanent Makeup tattoos. 

how should i contact you

Our primary form of communication is via email. Please make certain that is in your list of contacts so that we don’t go to your junk mail! Thank you 😊