You are a vital part of the overall 

tattoo experience

Here are some tips to prepare you and your Living Canvas~

*Come alone and wear your mask. 
At this time we are still taking this precaution because of the up-close nature of our work. 

*Make sure you eat a well balanced meal, keep your strength up. Also, if you have several hours booked with us, bring a snack to keep your blood sugar up.

*Consider your clothing; please wear something that gives your artist easy access to the tattoo area as well as keeps you covered where you need to be covered. Dress comfortably! You are also bound to experience a range of temperatures so consider something convertible in case you feel hot or get chilly.

*Bring a pillow and make yourself at home; comfort is key. It’s also nice to bring a towel or blanket if you will be laying down for your tattoo.

*Bring Cash; you take much better care of your artist this way for this very personal and permanent service.

*Relax. Breathe Deep. We care just as much about your tattoo as you do. Feel free to ask questions and will make sure that all your concerns are addressed before we begin tattooing. The calmer you are, the easier the whole thing will be~

On Tattoo Day

What Makes a Good Tattoo?

Exfoliate Gently
Gently scrub away dead skin cells, especially in calloused areas such as knees and elbows, feet and hands.

Once or twice a day with something nourishing. This will condition your skin and the tattoo process will be better for both of us, guaranteed.

Take your Vitamins
Vitamin C and E are great for replenishing the skin's nutrients and making your skin tattoo better and heal faster through boosting your immunity. These are also helpful to take after your session for recovery.

Drink water. It's good for your skin and all cells so it is advantageous to the Healing Process.

1 week before

Custom Creators want to hear your story and turn it into Art, not copy another Tattoo~

*Clean Solid Lines* 
Attention to Detail and the Process of Continual Refinement~

*Smooth Shading* 
Solid Fills, Even Gradients, Seamless Color Blends~

*Flattering Bodylines* 
Proper Placement assures your Tattoo Art will always adorn your Temple well~

We look forward to the Opportunity to Create
 for you!

Memorial Tattoos and other major life transitions

Special Offering

We DO NOT recommend using any type of numbing cream BEFORE or AFTER your Tattoo. These can adversely effect the way the ink goes into your skin and your Artist will not be able to guarantee that your new Tattoo Art will Heal as expected.

What about numbing cream?