These expressions are completely personal and unique and we will always bring our authentic selves to the creative process. To design something meaningful for you means we have to understand where you're coming from and what you are wanting to represent. Sometimes these ideas can be very nebulous and we know images on the internet can be overwhelming. Trusting an Artist’s Unique Creative Process is key~

We all work a little differently, but we all want to make your Tattoo the most Creative and Authentically Yours as it can be. We know that even if it’s your first, this will likely not be your last.

We are a little different different
here at Haylo~

The Vision Form is a helpful tool for communicating your Custom Tattoo Design desires. We also get the opportunity to get to know a little about you before we start this journey together. This work is about Freedom, Art, Compassionate Professionalism and the enjoyment of the co-creative Relationship.

This process takes time. We Mark Your Meaningful Moment, Months and Years. Time is precious and we honor the truth that your Custom Tattoo Experience begins long before needles hit the skin. Imagining, Planning, Drawing and Redrawing are integral to the development of these Sacred Symbols you will adorn your body with for the rest of your days~

We VALUE good art &

prefer the UTMOST in quality


We know the depth of what it means to choose self-expression through high quality custom tattoo art.

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Life is a Co-Creative Practice; Enjoy the Process~


Where the Spirit does not work with the hand,
there is no art


I live to create. Be open, be easy and let's make something beautiful together.


We are all works in progress.


Your internal work causes ripples throughout the entire collective. What you embody, you anchor for us all. 

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