YOU are the vital part of the

You will see your new art go through many changes, over the next month. Sometimes, new skin healing on top creates a “milky white” color that will settle in and reveal your ink again.

healing process

take good care of your new tattoo

Wash your hands! Then, unwrap and wash well using warm/hot water and gentle soap. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Make sure you remove all the slimy pigment film that seeped out.

Throughout the day wash your new tattoo 3-5 times, let your tattoo dry on its own or gently pat dry with a clean paper towel. Keep it Clean. Let it Breathe!

No oils, ointments or lotion!

Before bed, wash, pat dry with a clean paper towel and re-wrap with saran wrap.

Day/Evening after getting tattooed

Next Morning

Keep it wrapped until you are able to wash it well, keep it clean and wash again before wrapping overnight.

Day 3

Same washing ritual as Day 2. Keep your art clean! No oils, ointments or lotion!

Keep it Clean! Let it Breathe!

No more plastic wrap at night for the remaining period of healing.

Keep your new tattoo Clean! WASH, WASH, WASH, pat dry with clean paper towel and use VERY SPARINGLY small amount of coconut oil or unscented lotion, once or twice a day is all you need. Keep it Clean, let it Breathe!

Absolutely No Direct Sunlight for a month! Cleanliness is Key. Wash your tattoo frequently with warm water and soap. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR TATTOO unless you are washing it.

Be gentle with your skin! If you scab, leave the scab on as long as it takes to fall off naturally. Picking at your tattoo results in loss of pigment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give the studio a call~ 704-332-3377

Day 4 and on

What about numbing cream?