Meet the Artist

I am THRILLED to announce that I will be starting a Residency with Hayley Moran, at Haylo Healing Arts Lounge to Learn the Art of Tattooing !!

Hayley is a master of her craft. She’s an incredibly skilled artist, and a beautiful
Human who uses her talent, time, and energy to help others along their path of self discovery and expression thru Tattoo Body Art, and by building community
of kindred souls!
To be offered a ticket on the maiden voyage of her new Residency Program, Is a Tremendous Honor and Opportunity, and I’m completely STOKED to get started!!

I have had the good fortune of making “CREATIVE PLAY” my life’s work.
I’ve experienced first hand, over and over, through self expression, and creative collaboration,
the healing and transformative powers of Music and Art.

As a Singing, Songwriting, Recording and Performing Musician -I’ve released 10 albums(recordings) of original material. I have toured the US, UK and parts of Europe - In addition to collaborating with scores of other musicians in writing, performing, and recording sessions. 

A degree in Graphic Design set me on my Freelance Artist path, beginning with Technical Illustration & Design in the early 90’s.   
Today my portfolio consists of Children’s Book Illustrations; Album Cover Art; Cider and Wine Labels; Countless Commissioned Pieces; International POP Up Art Exhibits 
and (2) Juried Public Art Installations where I painted (5) life sized Horse statues.

I love to work with Color -The Brighter, The Better! I’m passionate about bringing awareness to Wildlife and their Mystical, yet Endangered and Disappearing Habitats. This re-occurring theme is woven into all of my recent personal works 

To Learn, to Grow and to Continually Push myself Artistically and Creatively is and has always been, My North Star. As artists, I believe we exist in the Liminal Spaces that allow us to be conduits for the universal languages of Music and Art - and it is my honor to occupy this space.

Gigi Dover

visual Artist residency